Programs We Offer

If you’re searching for ways to better manage your health, turn to Faith Home Healthcare. We provide an array of programs for a wide range of conditions. Whether you need help in improving your heart health or developing better exercise habits, we have a program that can help you.

H2H (Hospital to Home)

    Along with the referring hospital, we work as a team to coordinate and facilitate a smooth and seamless process for their return home. Every patients’ needs and the challenges they are facing are different, so we work together with a specific plan for the patients’ health struggles.


Heart Zone Management (CHF)

Our congestive heart failure program was designed to insure that our patients understand the disease process/ symptoms of CHF. We educate our patients so that they learn effective habits in controlling the outcome and how to best manage it.

Steady Flow (Anticoagulation Therapy Management)

This program was created for our patients who are currently on blood thinning medication. We offer this service to optimize your skill in INR testing. We make this a learning opportunity until you are stable and proficient at maintaining yourself.

Healthy Habits (Diabetic Management Program)

We provide diabetes care and education to people who have this disease, as well as, those who are having trouble controlling it. Our clinical team uses our specially designed workbook that will help each patient manage their diabetes difficulties. Additionally, we educate on good eating and exercise habits that will encourage an outcome of a healthier lifestyle.

Sure Steps (Fall Risk Program)

For our patients that are assessed as a fall risk, we provide this program to ensure that they are safe at home using our safe transitions assessment on each patient along with standardized clinical assessments, that are administered by licensed physical and occupational therapist. This allows us to create a more personalized discipline plans of care.

Care Connect (Patient Support Program)

We understand that each patient has unique needs and patients that qualify are given an option for this service in their own home. Consider it like a call button in the hospital. They have access to immediate help, 24/7, at no additional cost to our patient. This service offers assistance in resourcing, medication reminder calls, or just having a friendly voice to help with their immediate needs, no matter how big or small.